While photos of mountains and hills look nice, photos from the top of those mountains and hills look even better. While not quite an aerial view, this style of photography is something I really like. Not everyone can make it outside to climb hills and mountains, but I’d bet everyone would enjoy the view. I think photos like these can be used as great motivators to get people outside. “Look at these neat things I saw. You should see it for yourself too!”

As people, we like to see things with our own eyes. Sure, seeing pictures is fun, but deep down I think when people see a picture they enjoy they think to themselves, “I want to experience that for myself.” I know I’ve talked about what I think photography should be, but I think using photography as motivational tool is great. Anything that gets people to better themselves, in any way, I find to be tremendously valuable.

Morgantown from the top of Dorsey's Knob.

So get out there, and enjoy your own view from the top!