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So much for a snow storm

Unfortunately, the snow didn’t last. Deep down, I want around 6 ft of snow. I got a pretty nice shot of the snow coming down, and with it, my hopes were soaring. I tried to catch the flakes in motion, and I had some difficulty. For one thing, getting good lighting along with a shutter speed quick enough to catch the snowflakes in motion wasn’t quite possible for me. With the shutter speed moving at a such a quick pace, the camera wasn’t picking up enough light to create an image.

The cool thing about a shutter speed that doesn’t quite move fast is it can create an image that seems to stretch. This can be especially seen with lights, and I’ve seen some pretty cool photos of cars moving on a road with prolonged exposure. The longer exposure made the snowflakes in my photo look like sheets, and I kind of like the way it turned out.

My backyard when it's snowing.

Sadly, this is my backyard the morning after it snowed. The cold snow was no match for the warm sun and grass that desperately wanted to survive.

My backyard the morning after it snowed.

Views from the Top

While photos of mountains and hills look nice, photos from the top of those mountains and hills look even better. While not quite an aerial view, this style of photography is something I really like. Not everyone can make it outside to climb hills and mountains, but I’d bet everyone would enjoy the view. I think photos like these can be used as great motivators to get people outside. “Look at these neat things I saw. You should see it for yourself too!”

As people, we like to see things with our own eyes. Sure, seeing pictures is fun, but deep down I think when people see a picture they enjoy they think to themselves, “I want to experience that for myself.” I know I’ve talked about what I think photography should be, but I think using photography as motivational tool is great. Anything that gets people to better themselves, in any way, I find to be tremendously valuable.

Morgantown from the top of Dorsey's Knob.

So get out there, and enjoy your own view from the top!

Underwater Photography

I think underwater photography is really neat. Not only are the angles unique, but the photographer can show his or her audience something totally different and alien. The water can make objects appear weightless. Also, the ocean is filled with interesting creatures and plants to be photographed. Depending on your location, you can have creatures that look like they came from some horror film. There are also creatures that light up and glow, like little stars in the deep darkness of the ocean. Unfortunately, I don’t have the right kind of camera or equipment for this, but if I ever get the chance I will definitely do it!


With blogging, and with life in general, we can use all the help we can get. I posted some links in my blogroll but I want to post them here with an explanation for why I chose these links. Feel free to check these out or if you think any other sites/blogs will be useful leave them in the comments.

Cool Green Science: This blog is all about promoting nature conservancy. One great way to share and appreciate nature is conserve it and I plan on using this blog to help further conserve nature in my area.

Digital Photography Tips: I plan on using a digital camera for my class and I’m always looking for tips. I’ll use this site to find ways to improve my skills with as well as post any good tips I come across.

Drawing/Sketching: One fun thing to try when on a hike is to sketch things you see while you’re outside. This site has plenty of sketching tips for amateur sketch artists (like myself) as well as tips for the more experienced artist.

National Geographic Photo of the Day: Since I want to photograph nature, I thought National Geographic would be good to look to for examples of style.

Nature Images from Photobucket: Similar to the photo of the day, I think these photographs will give me ideas for the style of pictures to take.

Nature Podcast: This podcast mostly talks about the science of nature. While enjoying nature from a surface level is a start, knowing a little bit about the science of nature can deepen your appreciation.

Outdoor Photographer: This site goes very in depth with outdoor photography from locations to technique. As an amateur photographer I’m also looking for ways to improve my photos.

PBS Nature: PBS, like national geographic,has a lot of experience in capturing nature on film. Looking at their examples can help me get the correct angles for when I take my pictures.

Sketching in Nature: Sketching animals can be pretty tough since you don’t always have very long to look at them (like with birds for example). With the help of someone that sketches nature I can learn what to look for and the best way to sketch the things I see.

The Luminous Landscape: This site is really neat when it comes to documenting nature. They have a ton of useful tips for photographers in their forums section. I find many of the photos on this site inspiring and may model a picture or two after one I see here.

A Look to the Future

Wildlife, and nature in general, is something that surrounds us on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the true beauty of our surroundings often goes unheard and unnoticed. If you take the time to stop and listen, your backyard can become a symphony of birds’ songs. A dull, boring backyard can be seen for what it really is under closer scrutiny, a teaming landscape of life. I want to explore not only the backyard, but nature in general. I hope to use photographs, recordings, and sketches to really capture my experiences and show them to people who maybe just don’t really have the time to do their own exploring. Maybe, after seeing my blog those people will make time and explore West Virginia with me.

The sun setting in West Virginia is even more beautiful from the top of a hill.